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Words of wisdom from Celebs Go Dating star, Tom Read Wilson

Words of wisdom from the Celebs Go Dating star

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Why did you choose to take part in The MoonWalk London?

‘Two dear friends have been receiving treatment for breast cancer in the last year. I wanted to be part of the merry band fighting the good fight. There can never be too many of us!’

Did you walk the half or full MoonWalk?

‘I’m feeble: I did the half. However, I was a virgin and wanted to make sure I didn’t share a heel with Achilles. I don’t!’

Are you an exercise fan normally?

‘I’m fairly hail and hearty: I gym diurnally. I cycle and walk a great deal. It’s food for the soul.’

What about your diet? Are you strict with what you eat or a secret junk food addict?

‘I like naughty but never junk. I allow myself a weekend pain au chocolat. But cake is my real weakness…’

So what do you eat on a typical day?

‘I adore pea and lentil pasta, with piquant tomato sauces laced with wine. Salads, fish occasionally. It’s fairly varied. I’m flexitarian these days, too.’

Do you have any vices you’d care to share?

‘I do like a glass of Champagne: wildly extravagant, I know! But divine!’

You regularly educate your fans on Instagram with your word of the day. What’s your favourite word and why do you love it so much?

‘I’m very fond of “papilionaceous” which means butterfly-like. I think it has in-built music.’

And what word would you use to describe your experience of The MoonWalk London?

‘I’d say deeply galvanising. I think one can’t help but be galvanised by that incredible crowd!’

Social media, as much as we love it, can see celebs experience nasty abuse at the hands of trolls. Have you ever experienced any yourself?

‘I’ve been terribly lucky that I haven’t encountered them much. It is a great sadness that they exist and that a platform for free speech, which must never forget has been hard won, should be abused.’

Moving on to grooming… can you fill us in on your beauty and grooming secrets?

‘I’ll start with my wonderful hairdresser, Oliver Stephens, who is a bit of a wizard! I only wear Datura Noir by Serge Lutens or Iris Nobile by Aqua Di Parma: stalwarts for me! I also only ever use cream or oil cleansers as they’re far kinder for the complexion. I like restorative oils on my skin, followed by The Ordinary’s wonderfully light mineral SPF30.’

Let’s talk Celebs Go Dating. Who’s been the best contestant on the show so far?

‘Well Joey Essex and Sam Thompson both have an unfair advantage as they’ve done two series each. Double the exposure has resulted in double the love!’

Why do you love being on the show?

‘My job is simply a romantically-skewed chewing of the fat. In other words, a very happy marriage of two of my favourite things.’

Have you ever been on a date that went wrong?

‘Oh I’ll say! That’s where I can lend insight. I am no expert but I can charter hiccoughs and pit-falls. As it is, I like a man who’s wildly different to me, but with the same core values. I find that stimulating.’

If you could date any celebrity who would it be and why?

‘I have a mini crush on Killing Eve’s Sean Delaney at the moment. He just seems so tender and kind.’

Let’s finally return back to The MoonWalk London. Have you got a message to encourage people to sign up for The MoonWalk London 2020?

‘If you want a sense of divine congregation, to see London exquisitely lit, feel very hardy and raise a great deal of money for an impossibly worthy cause, come and join our happy band!’

The MoonWalk London is organised by grant-making breast cancer charity, Walk The Walk. To register interest in next year’s event, go to walkthewalk.org


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