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Reality star Bianca Gascoigne on her 2019 plans and new YouTube beauty venture

Reality star Bianca Gascoigne on her 2019 plans and new YouTube beauty venture

By Lauren Naylor

Bianca, what’s in the pipeline for you this year?

‘I’m going to be bringing my own make-up line out which I’m super-excited about. I’m also launching my YouTube channel, where I will be showing viewers how I do my own make-up and teaching them hair styles.
I’m also in talks with some reality shows which is really exciting – watch this space!’

Have you had any beauty disasters of late?

‘Absolutely! It has to be recently at the National Reality Television Awards. I attempted body foundation to give myself a light tan, and it rubbed off on my latex dress. The press picked up on the disaster and it was everywhere!’

How experimental are you when it comes to new beauty trends?

‘I will try anything! The obvious answer is botox and fillers, but I’ve also had ultra-collagen wave, which is basically radio frequency delivered into deeper layers of the skin. It produces a higher level of skin tightening and helps to stimulate collagen, so it’s a great anti-ageing treatment.’

Are there any beauty tricks your mum taught you that you swear by?

‘My mum [Sheryl Gascoigne] said I should always take my make-up off at the end of the day, following that by cleansing. It helps to keep my skin clear, so I totally agree with her on that one.’

What are your beauty must haves?

‘Anything Huda make-up – they have a great variety of colours and are such good quality. I do love a good eyelash, too, as I don’t really go out without them. I think lashes transform my face, and I feel so much better with them on. I also love Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. If I don’t use moisturiser my skin feels so tight and dry, especially in the winter months.’

You recently admitted to having body dysmorphia. Is there anything you’ll be focusing on or changing in 2019?

‘I am getting into my fitness this year and am trying to be super-healthy, although it’s easier said than done! I would love to be happy with my body but I just pick holes in myself all the time – I can’t help it.’

Who is your celebrity beauty idol?

‘It has to be Angelina Jolie. I mean seriously, her face is unreal!’

Have any make-up artists or friends given you any tips that have proved invaluable throughout the years?

‘The best advice given to me is that before a red carpet event always put a sheet mask on to hydrate your skin. This always helps to make me look fresh and rejuvenated.’

What’s your most extravagant or strange beauty purchase?

‘The strangest concept would have to be the vampire facial, which uses your own blood to help promote cell renewal. Then there’s the Tweezy hair removal tool – it looks strange but it certainly does the job!’

Finally, what’s the one beauty item you just can’t live without?

‘My Tatiana Karelina London hair extensions! No one does my extensions better, and I have been going to them for years! I just really love thick long hair – it’s my signature look.’

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