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Sam Bailey on her advice for starting the year on a high

The X-Factor star Sam Bailey is starting the New Year on a healthy note – and is warming up for her toughest fitness challenge yet. Sam, who won the 2013 series of the singing competition, blames her love of chocolate and hectic life on the road for her weight struggles over the years. Now the Celebrity Slim ambassador plans to shed the extra pounds gained over Christmas in preparation for this year’s London Marathon. We spoke to the singer about her new exercise routine, diet changes and advice for those looking to start the year on a high…

By Laura Forsyth

How does Celebrity Slim differ from weight loss methods you tried before?

‘I feel the plan is a better one for me personally, as I find the daily meal replacements work well with my body. I also don’t feel as hungry as I have done on other plans.’

Are you losing weight loss for health reasons rather than to fit in with a certain image?

‘If I’m going to run 27 miles I will need to lose weight! The marathon is now only a few months away and I’m absolutely determined.’

Do you have advice for mums trying to lose baby weight?

‘Just do it at your own pace, as so many women try to do this too quick. There is no rush! And make sure you get plenty of rest, it’s so important to not burn yourself out!’

Image credit: instagram.com/sambaileysinger


Breakfast: Nothing

Mid-morning snack: Chocolate

Lunch: Nothing – or crisps and chocolate

Afternoon snack: More chocolate or sweets

Dinner: Pie, chips and peas


Breakfast: Strawberry shake with fresh fruit

Mid-morning snack: Celebrity Slim snack bar

Lunch: Celebrity Slim meal replacement bar

Afternoon snack: Handful of raw walnuts

Dinner: Chicken and mixed veg or a recipe from the Celebrity Slim website

Snack: Low fat yogurt with berries, plus two litres of water throughout the day

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