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Celebrity Secrets chats to – Nathan Massey

Editorial feature

The reality star and Love Island winner talks lockdown life with two young kids – and why he decided to use the time at home to get fit.

Nathan, how are you coping with COVID and all it’s thrown at you?

“It’s been hard, both mentally and financially. The best thing I could do with all the extra time was to concentrate on my weight-loss, so I’d come out of this feeling really good about myself.”

What about the mental implications of not seeing friends and family for so long?

“It was hard, but we managed to catch up in other ways. FaceTime and Zoom were lifesavers, and I played a fair amount of Call of Duty with my mates!”

You were all on holiday in the USA when lockdown was enforced. What was that like?

“We were having a fantastic time, but because of COVID found it a struggle to get home. Cara was pregnant with Delilah at the time, which added to the worry. I just wanted to get her home and keep her safe and healthy.”

What was quarantine like when you returned?

“I thought it would never end, what with having one child and another on the way. The main thing that got me through was keeping myself fit and motivated and just getting through the days one by one. Once we were allowed outside the house for daily exercise we kept Fred occupied with long walks, to stop him being glued to his iPad.”

Instead of gaining ‘covid kilos’ you lost weight. Why now?

“Since leaving Love Island I have piled on the pounds. When Cara got pregnant with Freddie, it meant I had someone else to look after so I stopped focussing on myself – it was all about Fred rather than me. I didn’t feel good about myself, plus none of my clothes fitted anymore, so I decided to do something about it.”

Did that mean you had to follow a strict diet?

“I cut out most of the bad foods, as before I was a real sucker for sugar. I love chocolate, but rather than stopping eating it completely I just watched the amount I ate. I also trained harder in terms of exercise, kept my diet a little cleaner, and made sure I was always in a calorie deficit.”

Tell us about Mass Motivation – what’s it all about?

“Mass Motivation is a running guide that has been developed to help you lose weight, feel fitter and definitely motivate you. I’m living proof that you can change your fitness! I was a stone and a half heavier before I started, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have achieved my goal. There are so many quick fixes out there when it comes to getting in shape but nothing compares to hard work and putting the graft in yourself. That’s what this plan is all about, and it’s for men and women who want to put the effort in and see the results they want.”

So anyone can do it?

“If you are someone who wants to feel a little better about yourself inside and out, lose a bit of weight and definitely improve your running ability, then this plan has got your name written all over it.”

What other ways do you keep fit?

“I love golf and now carry my clubs around 18 holes – that burns on average 1,200 calories! I’m also right into boxing, doing lots of sparring and pad work.”

We love the honesty of your posts surrounding parenting. Why is this important to you?

“Instagram is packed with people pretending their world is perfect and wonderful – and it’s not, especially as a dad to two young kids! There are hard days, like exploding nappies and your children refusing to sleep, and I think it’s important to get that message across. Hopefully it helps other parents realise they’re not alone. We might have a big following on social media, but we’re just normal people going through the same stuff as everyone else.”

Cara gave birth to Delilah last July. Were you anxious about the delivery due to COVID?

“Most of the pregnancy was hard as when COVID hit I couldn’t attend any of her scans or appointments. As a couple we do everything together, so that was a very strange time. Cara also suffered from preeclampsia which meant she was in the hospital for four days before she was induced, so I was constantly worrying how she was. I shouldn’t have been – she’s an absolute warrior and safely delivered our beautiful baby girl”. 

Delilah will soon be celebrating her first birthday! Have you got any plans for a celebration?

“We’re going to have a little party in the back garden of our new house. It’ll be great to get a few friends and family over, and we’re going to do a BBQ. Cara has got a big Disney theme planned and wants to make the garden look like a massive castle – good luck with that one, Cara!”

How is the new home?

“We absolutely love the house! The previous owner kept it in a really good condition, so there isn’t a great deal of work for us to do. We’ve created a separate homes account on Instagram, thedelamasshouse, to show our updates, plus all the companies and builders we’ve been using, so feel free to head over there and have a nose.”

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