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Pampered pets are top dogs: 10 of the highest-earning pup influencers

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When we think of influencers, we think of flashy outfits, big houses and plenty of enviable holidays – but did you ever picture these influencers being covered in fur? 

Doggy influencers are on the rise. These precious pets have some of the highest social media followings around, and for good reasons, too. They live lavish lifestyles, have designer wardrobes most influencers would be jealous of and, on top of it all, their owners get paid some seriously big money for featured posts and advertisements. 

We had a look at some of the top-earning pets on social media – from what they could charge per featured post, to how many followers they reach on different platforms – in a bid to find out the dog influencers with the highest potential earnings across TikTok and Instagram. Get ready to see some seriously rich dog influencers.

Checklist has joined forces with dog holiday experts Canine Cottages to determine the top dog influencers in the world right now; how does your furry friend match up?

1. Jiffpom

Topping the list is Jiff, the Pomeranian who has gathered a total of 31 million followers across TikTok and Instagram! This dog can charge up to £19,600 per post, making him the dog influencer to watch out for.

Check out Jiffpom on Instagram and TikTok.

2. Tuckerbudzyn 

Charging an estimated average of £12,600 per post, Tucker the Golden Retriever has 3.2 million Instagram followers and loves to play dress-up with his son, Todd. 

Head to Tucker’s Instagram and TikTok.

3. mayapolarbear 

Charging an estimated £7,350 per post to send out to 2 million Instagram followers, Maya the Samoyed is an adorable white fluffball with a cute smiley face – and a huge bank account!

Meet Maya on Instagram and TikTok.

4. itsdougthepug 

A pug with a great personality, Doug charges an estimated average of £6,850 per post, and therefore claims fourth place. This lucky doggo has a gathering of 10 million followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Discover Doug on Instagram and Tiktok.

5. whataboutbunny

This sheepadoodle has generated over 3 million followers across the two social media platforms and can charge an average of £3,900 per post.

Check out Bunny’s Instagram and TikTok accounts.

6. aguyandagolden

Teddy the golden retriever could charge an average of £3,800 per post on his Instagram and TikTok pages, and has racked up an impressive 94,500 Instagram followers.

Head to Teddy’s Instagram and TikTok.

7. henrythecoloradodog 

A rescue dog and his feline companion have stolen the hearts of over 2 million people across TikTok and Instagram. A single image of this famous duo could bring in £2,700.

Discover Henry’s Instagram and Tiktok here.

8. azchpn 

Besties Chocola, Azuki and Panna rack up an impressive, estimated earning of £2,350 for any post that they share across their Instagram and TikTok pages, to their nearly 10 million followers! 

Meet the trio on their Instagram and TikTok.

9. tikatheiggy

Tika the Italian Greyhound has amassed a following of over 1 million followers across Instagram and TikTok thanks to her owner’s amazing dress-up posts, which amass an average estimated earning of £2,000 per post.

Check out Tika’s Instagram and TikTok.

10. cocothemaltesedog

Coco is a ‘5lbs of fluff and chunk’ Maltese with a hefty potential price tag of £1,450 per post across her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Meet Coco on Instagram and TikTok.

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