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Helen Flanagan on eating out, cooking, and how she stays in shape

The actress on eating out, cooking for the family, and how she manages to stay in shape

By Lynn Carratt

Helen, what’s a typical day in your life like?

‘It’s all about looking after the children and working from home. From the moment Matilda wakes at 6.30am, to the moment she goes to bed, I don’t stop. Then I’m still up in the night feeding Delilah. It’s exhausting – but I love it.’

You look incredible – what’s your secret?

‘I stopped dieting nearly a decade ago, and although I try to be healthy I don’t deny myself treats. There’s nothing better than a Starbucks Skinny Ginger Muffin and flavoured latte when I’m out and about with the girls.’

How do you find the time to exercise with two kids and a wedding to plan?

‘The only workout I do is my Mumma Fit programme – plus racing around after Matilda and Delilah! I stick in on my phone at home, and within 20 minutes I’m all finished!’

Is there any exercise in particular you enjoy?

‘I like the resistance band exercises – they work the muscles – and the Mumma Calm section is terrific for helping restore balance. All mums know this is often easier said than done! I don’t have time for the gym, so the workout’s perfect for me.’

Do you cook for the family?

‘My speciality is spaghetti Bolognese. My little trick is to put a teaspoon of Marmite in with the tomato sauce, as I find it gives it a richness. I also love freshly-grated parmesan on top with a side portion of garlic bread. The cook-in-the-oven baguettes from Waitrose are the best. I don’t pretend to be the greatest cook in the universe, so when Scott and I started dating, we always used to eat out a lot!’

What is your favourite food?

I love sushi. It’s so healthy and delicious. I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. Scott and I love the restaurant Novikov in Mayfair. It’s two restaurants in one, serving Asian and Italian food – my two favourites. The prawn tempura is fantastic, and I also love their tiramisu. It’s enough to feed four of you.’

By the sound of it you love your food…

‘I do! I think it’s all down to a healthy balance, though. If I’m flagging during the day, I will reach for sweet treats like Maltesers and Jelly Babies. I don’t restrict myself from having a little of the things I like, especially on a Sunday when the day is more relaxed.’

What other treats do you like?

‘I’ll reach for some chocolate – any type or brand going! Sometimes if we go on a family walk somewhere pretty like Loch Lomond, I’ll stuff a Twix bar in my pocket for a little treat when we reach halfway.’

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