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Exclusive Interview: Marnie Simpson

The Geordie Shore star talks exclusively to Celebrity Secrets about preparing for the birth of her son

Interview by Claire Muffett-Reece


Now you’re four weeks away from having the baby have you been to any classes to learn about being a parent?

‘My boyfriend Casey and I went to an antenatal class, which was really good. I learnt a lot of information. It was three hours long but we learnt about changing nappies and tons more information.’

Who are you having at the birth with you?

‘It depends who’s allowed in. I know they can be quite strict! Ideally I’d like my mam, Casey’s mam and Casey. They’ll both be at my end!’

What was your mum like with you growing up?

‘My mam was really chilled and I’d love to be the same kind of parent she is. Growing up it was only me and her. Obviously my baby’s going to have Casey around – I hope our baby doesn’t turn out to be a wild child like I was!’

Casey said in an interview last year that he doesn’t believe in marriage. Has his outlook changed now he knows he’s about to become a father?

‘Casey’s parents aren’t married, so that’s kind of why I think he doesn’t really think it’s necessary. We have spoken about it and he said that he would definitely get married. I would like to have the same surname as my son.’

Have you been eating well during the pregnancy?

‘I’ve been eating anything I want! Cakes, chocolates, steaks – the works! I just love steaks at the minute – and I never used to eat red meat. It must be my body telling me it needs more iron.’

Are you glad you’re done with the Geordie Shore partying days?

‘Definitely. I grew up a lot sooner than most because I’ve partied enough to last a lifetime! I don’t think I’ll ever have any desire to party like that again. These days I’d walk in to a club and wish I was back at home on the sofa.’

So no more heavy drinking?

‘Before I fell pregnant it used to take me at least six glasses of wine to even get even slightly tipsy. It’s nice to not have to go out and have everyone expect you to get drunk. I’m actually a bit nervous for the first time I go out with the girls after I’ve had the baby, because I’ve never gone this long without a drink! Hopefully my body’s reset itself and my tolerance is back to a normal person’s!’

How did you end up on Geordie Shore in the first place?

‘My cousin, Sophie [Kasaei] was on it, so I auditioned and it went from there. I like to stay in touch with a lot of the cast still, but we’re all in a totally different place these days. We always keep in contact over WhatsApp and meet up when we can.’



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