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Get the look: Alex and Olivia Bowen’s home

Editorial Feature

Want to know how celebs update their own pads, transforming those interiors from drab to fab? Say no more – Love Island stars Alex and Olivia Bowen have an Instagram page dedicated to their beautiful home.

With over 750K followers at @thebowenhome, it’s clear we’re not the only ones keen to take a peek at their ongoing house renovations.

Make better use of your outside space

How incredible does Alex and Olivia’s back garden look? Sure, not all of us can afford to install a large bar and hot tub in the mist of our humungous outside space, but that doesn’t mean we can’t jazz things up with the right furniture.

We’re loving their choice of dining table and chairs for entertaining guests and the good news is you can snap it up, too. SUNS Ovada Dining Table is the exact same model the couple chose, complete with matching benches and innovative Vieste seats.

The seats themselves can easily be placed on the bench, without the need for attachments, providing comfort and convenience for long lazy lunches in the sunshine.

Refresh your bedroom in an instant

When it’s time to hit the hay or have a cheeky afternoon nap, then you’ll want to snooze in bedding that’s both comfortable and stylish.

Alex and Olivia certainly got it right when it came to refreshing their own guest room. This Cosmopolitan Dakota Print Duvet Set helps to bring vintage glam to any bed in the house. Sumptuously soft to the touch, the duvet set features a bold Art Deco-inspired palm print with a fun smudge, as well as having a reversible print to boot.

Working from home? Work out there, too!

If you have the space and are as into your fitness regime as the Bowens clearly are, then why not install your very own home gym? With the right equipment and advice on how to work out from a trained professional, you can tone up any areas that need extra attention, getting fit and healthy in the process! This Decathlon Reinforced Flat/Inclined Weight Bench is just the ticket, as it’s perfect for sculpting your body and developing muscle volume and power. Now, it’s time to invest in equipment that’ll see us fit for summer ’22, and by that we mean healthy, not conforming to what society deems “beach body ready”.

Update your kitchen with the right appliance

Just imagine what your ancestors would think if they walked into your kitchen right now. Washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers; it really would be an incredible sight.

Even now we marvel at the latest innovative appliances that make our lives easier, and Alex and Olivia have invested in just that. It’s time to wave goodbye to waiting for your kettle to boil for that early morning cuppa with Quooker’s Nordic taps you get boiling water in an instant.

Available either as a set of Twintaps comprising of a standard hot and cold mixer and a matching Quooker model or as a Singletap to accompany the original kitchen mixer, they dispense water in various temperatures, including boiling, sparkling, chilled, hot and cold.

Because the right lighting is everything

It’s no use decorating your home without showing it off in all its glory, meaning the right amount of light.

Both natural and artificial lighting can transform your room in an instant, with Alex and Olivia choosing to add the perfect finishing touch in their hallway with this floor lamp from Iconic Lights.

We’re loving all of the available accessories from the Bowens’ choice of company, but this Camden Grey Tripod Floor Lamp stands out as both stylish and effective. Made from solid metal, it’s ideal for brightening up any dark spaces that natural light just can’t reach – plus it’s perfect for evenings when you just want to snuggle up and chill.

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