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Rethink your drink with zero calorie, sugar-free tonic

Founded upon a premium taste with no artificial ingredients, Skinny Tonic is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite gin and already has a growing fan base among gin lovers who dont want to compromise on taste. Putting your health first, Skinny Tonic understands that even the healthiest of people enjoy a drink and that doesn’t mean we have to laden ourselves with sugar in the process.

After spotting a gap in the market for a no-nonsense, great-tasting tonic water, co-founder’s Ian Minton and Steve Wilkinson, were set on creating the creme-de-la-creme of tonic waters that wouldn’t cause a blood sugar spike. Being a type 1 diabetic, Ian struggled to find a tonic water without either hidden sugar or artificial sweetener, so with that Skinny Tonic was born!

Skinny Tonic’s uniqueness lies in what it doesn’t contain…zero sugars, zero artificial ingredients and zero calories! Led by science, the tonic’s have been formulated with the help of taste specialists, Synergy Flavours, who are renowned for their state-of-the-art pairing technology and expert taste profilers to come up with the perfect matches to the most popular gin’s on the market. Skinny Tonic’s range is made using the finest natural ingredients including natural plant extract, stevia and spring water from Staffordshire to create a premium-tasting blend of tonics.

Going above and beyond to ensure their manufacturing process is of the highest value, Skinny Tonic has its own bespoke production plant which is committed to being plastic-free. The full range is produced using aluminium cans which are indefinitely recyclable and will go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days, with a much smaller carbon footprint than glass or plastic.

With the perfect balance of fragrance and fizz, the Skinny Tonic range contains eight delicate flavours that can be used with whatever you fancy to create a heavenly cocktail or mocktail! Not limited to just gin, Skinny Tonic’s selection works great with a variety of different spirits from vodka, tequila, rum or non-alcoholic spirits.

The flavours…

Skinny Med – Tastes from the Mediterranean, fresh citrus, thyme, floral and sweet basil notes.

Classic Indian – A botanical blend of Sicilian lemon, bitter Orange and thyme.

Ginger Ale – Blended with premium gingers and Scotch bonnet chilli.

Aromatic – A gentle blend of aromatic botanicals and spices.

Cucumber – Made with the highest quality cucumber essence.

Light Citrus – A delightful blend of fruit and herbs with a delicate, yet sophisticated citrus finish.

Clear Coffee – Created with the essence of the arabica coffee bean.

British Raspberry – The soft bitterness of quinine blended with succulent British raspberries.

With this exciting array of flavours to suit everyone’s tastebuds, you can enjoy a drink knowing that it will complement a healthy, balanced lifestyle. #Rethinkyourdrink.

Skinny Tonic is The Natural Slimline.

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