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Meet the vibrant Scandinavian concept label that dances to a different beat than the many fast fashion brands on the market today.

Textile artist Gudrun Sjödén started her own brand in the 1970s with a clear vision of long lasting, colourful and functional clothes for women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Timeless cuts and dazzling prints that express a Scandinavian identity fused with handicraft inspiration from around the world.

Garments to be worn throughout the seasons by green minded women.

There is a warm and creative community around the Gudrun brand – including regular workshops and talks in the London concept store on topics such as DIY crafts and sustainable life hacks.

Summer 2021, launching 23 March, is a collection of textile stories; meetings and places that has inspired Gudrun over the years – a trip down memory lane. This imaginary voyage also reflects a year where the only traveling available for most was mode of daydreaming.

Gudrun’s summer collection revisits four magic spots on the global handicraft map that inspired the different chapters:

  • Botswana inspired designs in a warm palette of spicy reds, juicy citric yellow and cooler agave notes with bold, contrasting black patterns.
  • Jaisalmer is a chapter inspired by its namesake city of sandstone and its rich handicraft community. Garments that feature dip dye, indigo and other plant dyes, intricate embroidery with mirror details and ikat weaving.
  • Muhu the small Baltic island with a heritage of intricate hand embroidery and signature yellow colours scale inspired a fun range of design to layer for summer.
  • Matsumoto capsule collection is a love letter to Japanese culture and its recurrent theme of the circular form. Lotus flowers framed by rounds and beautiful indigo and inky black notes. Create a harmonious look with wide cut dresses, trousers and kimono jackets!

Gudrun Sjödén is a fashion brand that wants to be an inspiration and an advocate for change. Each year they support a chosen deserving project, often with an environmental focus: the protection of old woodland in Sweden, support for the honeybee community in the UK or the development of sustainable cotton farming in Gujarat, India to mention a few.

Food labels clearly state if they are organic or locally produced but it is often up to customers to find out for themselves on how sustainable a garment is when shopping for clothes. This is why Gudrun Sjödén has created their own green labelling system that makes it easy for customers  to let sustainability be part of the decision factors when shopping. 

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